Salisbury City Council 2021

Nalini For Salisbury


Make our Great City Even Greater

I invite you to join me in a Vision of Progress and Prosperity for you, me, and our families as neighbors living together in Salisbury.  By uniting and working together, 

  • we can get past our differences, bridge divisions and thrive as united residents of Salisbury.

  • we can make Salisbury a city where industries with high paying jobs want to set up shop.

  • we can make Salisbury a safer and cleaner city for our families and children to grow up in.

  • we can make Salisbury a more environmentally friendly city - not by legislating new environmental, laws but by simply becoming more conscious of our environment on an individual level and by enforcing existing statutes.

  • we can make Salisbury a model city where every woman, man and child has Equality of Opportunity and can pursue our guaranteed unalienable Rights - Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

My Strategy to work towards this shared vision:

  • work in synergy with other city officials, county commissioners and our state representatives and senator 

  • retain our youth whom we educate in our city's institutions of higher learning

  • create a business friendly environment - more loans and incentives for minority entrepreneurs

  • apply sound management principles

  • maintain conservative fiscal responsibility 

  • foster a sense of unity and family in our community

  • increase encouragement and support for our city personnel to continue the great work they do everyday

What I Stand For:

Prosperity:  Economic Growth and Boosting our Businesses that already exist

Citizen Safety: Crime Reduction and supporting our police force

Healthy living:  clean air, clean water, parks and recreation accessible to all

Staff Retention: Supporting our city personnel


Management Experience Matters

Guardian Ad Litem

ACES Task Force

WJ Scholars